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O-Train - Stage 2 LRT Quarterly Update - FEDCO - March 2, 2021

The City's Finance and Economic Development Committee today received an update on the Stage 2 LRT construction progress as part of the regular quarterly update.

In the south, work is progressing at the Walkley Maintenance and Storage Facility and on multiple rail bridges, including across the Airport Parkway, Uplands Road, Lester Road, Leitrim Road, Bowesville Road, Earl Armstrong Road and Limebank Road. In the east, construction of support columns for the new rail flyover bridge between Blair and Montréal stations is nearing completion and work continues in all areas up to Trim Road. In the west, tunnel construction is underway, and crews are preparing to start work on highway interchanges at Pinecrest Road and Moodie Drive, with ramp closures set to begin in March. 

Source : City of Ottawa

Audio from the Presentation and Update

Stage 2 Quarterly Update - FEDCO - March 2, 2021.mp3

Stage 2 Quarterly Update Presentation

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