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Memo: O-Train Stage 1 and Stage 2 Quarterly Memo to Council (Q4 2020)

The following memorandum outlines the milestones achieved on the O-Train Stage 1 Confederation Line and Stage 2 Confederation Line and Trillium Line extension projects in Q4 2020 and provides an overview of the planned work for Q1 2021. 

The City of Ottawa continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 pandemic in relation to both the maintenance and operation of the Stage 1 Confederation Line and the delivery of the Stage 2 Project. The various maintenance, design, and construction teams working on light rail in Ottawa are adhering to all guidance provided by Ottawa Public Health and the Province of Ontario. 

In addition to monitoring the local construction impacts, staff are working with Rideau Transit Group to monitor potential impacts on the Alstom manufacturing facility in Brampton, Ontario and are working with TransitNEXT to monitor potential impacts on the Stadler manufacturing facility in Bussnang, Switzerland. At present, vehicle deliveries from the Brampton facility are continuing and the initial vehicle deliveries from Switzerland are expected to begin this year. 

Construction continues in all geographic areas of the project and the City is monitoring the potential impacts on the projects closely. The City is working closely with the contractors to understand if there will be any impacts to these projects as a result of the COVID-19 environment locally and abroad. 

The Trillium Line team has indicated schedule impacts which are now under review. The City is working with TransitNEXT to confirm whether the delays will be fully realized and to confirm if the delays can be reasonably mitigated. The handover of the system is still scheduled for 2022. 

The Confederation Line team has reported some schedule pressures, and these have since been resolved. Following an assessment of the schedule and of schedule mitigation opportunities, the original handover timeline of 2024 in the east and 2025 in the west remain as planned.

Stage 2 LRT - Update Highlights

  • The Goldenrod Bridge at Tunney's is set to be completed in Q2 2021, which will enable the removal of the temporary embarkment bridge buses use to access the bus loop from Scott, and thus extend tracks west;
  • Support for excavation at Rochester field and New Orchard started Q4 2020;
  • The new Lincoln Fields station construction is expected to start Q2 2021;
  • New Iris Street bridge set to start Q3 2021, with station Q2 2022;
  • Baseline bus loop complete in Q4 2020, with bus operator building set to be constructed Q2 2021;
  • Montreal Station bridge construction set to start Q1 2021;
  • Construction of a new Trim/174 intersection started Q4 2020 and is ongoing.

Source : City of Ottawa

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