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Project Spotlight: New Signaling Technology Installed on Ottawa’s O-Train South Extension

As part of the O-Train South Extension Project, Siemens Mobility is preparing to install new signaling technology on Lines 2 and 4. The updated train control equipment will ensure that trains are moving to meet any changes in situation, demand, and at speeds that provide the most efficiency throughout the system. This will be increasingly important given higher ridership levels expected with the new extension and its connection to Ottawa's Macdonald-Cartier International Airport.

This technology will be installed on all existing and new trains, tracks and stations servicing the existing O-Train South Line, as well as the 16 km of additional track and 8 stations to be built for the new extension. While the technology is proven through decades of safe use around the world, this newest version will be further supported with a complete upgrade to the existing signaling and communications system, including new signals, train detection system and switch machines, ensuring optimal performance throughout the entire system.

One important feature will be the Automated Train Protection (ATP) system. This technology will help the driver of the trains manage safe operational levels, protecting passengers against human error, such as over-speeding. In such situations, the system can automatically take over control of the train's operation and return it back to a safe level.

Work is also now starting with the vehicle providers, including Stadler, who will provide 7 new vehicles. The technology provider is working with the vehicle manufacturers to install important onboard equipment, which will allow the vehicle operator to receive information and communicate effectively and clearly within this new system.

In the spring, work will begin to install the trackside equipment that will send appropriate signals to the driver, letting them know about any action needed on their part: to wait, to slow down, or to speed up; all contributing to the safe operation of the O-Train South Line.

By the Numbers:

New Signaling & Train Control system technology will be installed in:

  • 13 Diesel Multiple Uit (DMU) trains will be outfitted with the new onboard equipment.
  • 24 km of existing and new track will have new trackside (or "wayside") equipment.
Source : City of Ottawa
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