O-Train Stage 2 : 4 Lines, 41 Stations, Finalized Names

The new lines. 

We have finished selecting the names for Stage 2's 24 new O-Train stations. Let's take a look at the Lines that will serve those stations once Stage 2 construction is complete.

O-Train service will run as four lines serving 41 stations:

  • Line 1 will run between Trim Station and Algonquin Station.
  • Line 2 will run to Limebank Station and connect with Line 1 and 3 at Bayview Station.
  • Line 3 will run parallel to Line 1 from Trim Station to Lincoln Fields Station, then branch off towards Moodie Station.
  • Line 4 will run to Airport Station and connect with Line 2 at South Keys Station.

Line colour selection takes into consideration legibility and contrast, and the new colours are distinguishable from the other service type colours for customers with the most common forms of colour-blindness. The use of numbers together with colours and symbols in all signage allows customers with more visual impairment and those who cannot detect any contrast to be able to identify and distinguish the different services. The chosen colours work well in the many formats in which they will appear, including digital screens, print information, maps and station signage under normal, low light and backlit conditions.

Stage 2 station names

Transit station names are effective when they provide clear location information that helps customers to find their way to their destinations.

Names for the new O-Train Stage 2 stations have been selected based on discussion with ward Councillors, the results of public consultation, and with the guidance of a working group convened by the Chair of the Transit Commission. When choosing the stations names, we considered if the name was:

  • A meaningful geographic reference
  • Easy to understand in English and French
  • Easy to pronounce
  • Easy to write
  • Unique from other stations and city locations
  • An established Transitway station name

Source : OC Transpo / City of Ottawa
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