O-Train Line 1 : Service Update for July 3, 2020

This morning a reduced number of trains are in service on Line 1, the Confederation Line. While undertaking yesterday's maintenance program one train wheel set was found to have steel crack on a wheel. As a precaution and in accordance with safety operational procedures, a fleet-wide inspection began overnight and is currently underway. As more vehicles are inspected, they will be put into service. 

As a result, customers can anticipate train service to run every 10 minutes through the morning peak period. S1 supplemental bus service is also running to increase capacity during the morning peak. S1 buses are running from Blair, Hurdman and Tunney's Pasture directly to downtown. Staff will be present at Line 1 stations to help direct customers. 

Updates are being provided to customers through various channels, including customer alerts, social media updates and

Staff are working with Rideau Transit Maintenance (RTM) to complete inspections and resume service.

John Manconi, General Manager, Transportation Services 

Source : City of Ottawa



Six vehicles have been cleared and are in service. Loads are light. We are pulling back supplemental bus service as it is not warranted at this time.

Inspections continue on the fleet.



Alstom and RTG/RTM have confirmed that all inspections will be completed by 9 pm this evening. Currently we have 9 vehicles out in service. So far only two vehicles are affected. Inspections will continue on the fleet until root cause is determined and safety sign off are provided. All safety protocols remain in place . We expect that weekend service will not be impacted and if needed we will reduce the fleet count taking advantage of the low ridership to enable maximum time for inspection.

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