Brand new version of the O-Train Fans System Map - Now Available!

10 months later and rewritten from scratch, the brand new version of the O-Train Fans system map is now available! You can view it here :

A more intuitive interface, updated data for Stage 2 and also the addition of the proposed alignments for the Barrhaven extension! 

Here is some highlights of the new features and improvements to the System Map.

As always, the source code for this project is available on GitHub:

I've actually learned about web development in the last 10 months so now this project is actually written like a modern web project!

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New map labels that help make stations stand out
A more flexible display settings menu (with illustrations courtesy of @Goosetaavo !)
The proposed alignment(s, all 7 of them!) for the extension of the Confederation Line into Barrhaven.
The latest data for the Stage 2 East / West extensions.
O-Train Line 1 : Service Update for July 3, 2020
New CEOs for RTG and RTM announced