Memo: Update on Rideau Transit Group Return-to-Service Plan: Testing Progress

The purpose of this memo is to provide Members of Council and Transit Commission with an update on the Rideau Transit Group's (RTG's) testing and return-to-service plan.

As of this morning, 11 trains (22 single cars) have been inspected, with nine trains (18 single cars) tested to date under the oversight of Transportation Research Associates (TRA). The entire rail fleet continues to progress through the detailed safety certification process and the track and related infrastructure repairs are undergoing the final validation and assessments required to enable a return to revenue service. 

As trains pass the inspection process, they are being operated on the tracks to verify all train system functionality prior to a final system-wide test. Over the next few days, the public will continue to see technicians on the track as well as trains travelling at various speeds, and sometimes stopped for various lengths of time while testing continues to progress. 

It is anticipated that before the end of the week, a full system-wide test of Confederation Line 1 will take place over two days prior to returning to revenue service. During this time, the public will see multiple trains operating across the entire system, stopping at stations, making announcements and simulating regular revenue service operations. 

Ultimately, the return-to-service day is contingent upon RTG providing, to the satisfaction of TRA and the City: 
  • a robust and fulsome quality assurance program 
  • updates to their maintenance programs and processes, to ensure that the root causes of the recent derailments are fully addressed. 

With this continued progress and contingent upon the completion of RTG's return-to-service plan and TRA's and the City's concurrence, it is anticipated that we will be able to provide a technical briefing with TRA before the end of the week, which is a Council requirement prior to the resumption of revenue service. 

The plan remains to resume a partial return to service with seven (7) trains and two (2) spares in the first two weeks of November, and to incrementally expand service throughout the month of November.

Further updates will be provided as more information becomes available.

Source : City of Ottawa

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