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Memo: Successful Operation of Nine Trains Begins on Stage 2 South

Stage 2 South – Successful Operation of Nine Trains Begins. 

This memo is to provide Mayor and Members of Council with an update regarding a recent milestone in the ongoing testing and preparations to operate the Stage 2 south O-Train extensions, lines 2 and 4.

TransitNext, the contractor responsible for building, testing, and maintaining the system, has begun demonstrating the ability to safely operate nine trains, the number required for revenue service, on Line 2, between Bayview and Limebank stations, and on Line 4, between South Keys and Airport stations. This is a key milestone in the program, as it tests the integration of the control and signaling systems, vehicles, track infrastructure, operating procedures, and training programs. This allows the project team to increase test running of trains as part of validating consistent and reliable performance ahead of trial running.

As outlined at the Light Rail Sub-Committee on September 29, 2023, this important milestone will also allow for an increase in the training of new diesel rail operators. New operators have been undertaking in-class training, including on simulators, and can now increase the time spent on the vehicles training for real-world, operational scenarios. There are currently ten rail operators who have completed their program that will help support the training of additional rail operators under simulated train operations.

Train testing on the south extension began in winter 2022 and has since extended across the line with a gradual ramp up of both vehicle quantity in use as well as the testing of the signaling and train control systems. OC Transpo continues to work with TransitNext on successfully achieving key milestones in the testing and commissioning program.

Further information on the ongoing testing and commissioning program for Lines 2 and 4 will be shared at the Light Rail Sub-Committee on December 11, 2023.

Source : City of Ottawa
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