Light Rail Sub-Committee receives progress update on the O-Train Extension Project

The City's Light Rail Sub-Committee received a progress update today on the O-Train extension project. All three extensions expanding the O-Train network farther south, east and west are advancing well.

On the O-Train Line 1 East extension, track installation is nearing completion and overhead catenary system work is underway. Construction on stations and pedestrian bridges is ongoing. In the new year, testing of trains on the extension will begin.

Track installation and station construction continue to progress on the O-Train Lines 1 and 3 West extension. The cut and cover tunnels are advancing well with excavation nearing completion. Tunnel walls and roof concrete pours are underway and backfilling in some areas has begun.

On the O-Train Lines 2 and 4 South extension, signal testing is progressing. Station construction is almost complete, and train testing along the line is ongoing. The City continues to target an opening in Spring 2024. Training continues for staff who will operate Lines 2 and 4, including the use of simulators and on the line. The program will ensure OC Transpo instructors, diesel rail operators and controllers are ready for operations, and that maintenance staff are fully trained.

The Sub-Committee also heard that the City is working with Transport Canada and the Canadian Transportation Agency to obtain the regulatory approvals needed to permit service on the expanded lines.

Source : City of Ottawa 

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