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Transit Commission Meeting - May 19, 2021

Transit Commission receives an update on O-Train Line 1 and bus service and a report on 2020 general accounts written off

The Transit Commission today received an update on O-Train Line 1 and bus service operations. Train service reliability remains high, and staff confirmed that specialized equipment for seasonal track work has been secured by RTM, and that work is expected to take place in June. Wheel inspection and replacement work also continues. Work related to switch heaters, the overhead catenary system, vehicle traction power, vehicle passenger doors, and vehicle HVAC is complete and is being validated by a third-party independent assessment. Coupler inspections and all associated work is largely complete. The update also confirmed that ridership remains low at 19 percent and is expected to remain at this level until the current stay-at-home order and school closures end.

The Transit Commission also received a report on the 2020 general accounts written off, as required by the Delegation of Authority By-law. In 2020, Revenue Services invoiced approximately $43 million in OC Transpo transit receivables, while the Transportation Services Department invoiced approximately $1.5 million in Para Transpo fares. Of these invoiced receivables and fares, $331.75 from 10 individual accounts were deemed uncollectible and have been removed from the City's financial system. This represents a collection rate of 99.99 per cent.

O-Train Line 1 Update

Rectification Plan and Other Works

  • Work related to switch heaters, overhead catenary system, vehicle traction power, vehicle passenger doors, vehicle HVAC is complete 
  • Coupler inspections and all associated works are being finalized
  • Plans for seasonal track work have progressed since the last meeting; RTM have secured the specialized equipment for this work and expect it will take place in June 
  • Work continues on vehicle auxiliary power (CVS units) and on the fine-tuning of vehicle braking systems
  • All completed works are subject to validation through ongoing independent assessment 

Train Wheels 

  • Wheel replacements, inspection and replacement work continues at both sites
  • Daily inspections of our fleet continue until all wheels have been replaced and/or set screws have been adjusted
  • Independent TSB investigation continues; all required parties are engaged, including Chief Safety Officer, RMCO, wheel and metal experts, Transport Canada

The issue with the couplers consisted of error codes stating there was an issue with the coupler. After investigation, it was found there was no issue with the coupler and the problem was due to wires rubbing, causing erroneous fault codes to alert the operator. Work has been done to improve the software so that only codes pertaining to the operator are displayed and taking measures to prevent damage or rubbing of the wiring. In the past months, there has not been any reoccurrence of the issue.

The seasonal work will have a direct impact on ride quality (such as vibration and noise). Some areas of the track are relatively smooth and quiet, while others such as the Hurdman curves are much louder and harsher. Areas such as these should see some level of improvement from the work that is planned.

For more information on the issue with the couplers and the seasonal track work that is planned this summer, please listen to the Media Availability audio below at 22:20 onward.

Source : City of Ottawa

Transit Commission meeting - May 19, 2021
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