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Transit Commission meeting - February 19, 2020

The Transit Commission received an update on the O-Train Line 1: Confederation Line, Para Transpo, Bus Service and other related items today. 

OC Transpo and Rideau Transit Group (RTG) provided updates on key technical issues affecting Line 1 service reliability:

  • Vehicle on-board Controller (VOBC);
  • Train Control Monitoring System (TCMS);
  • Door Operations;
  • Rail Switches;
  • Emergency braking and wheel flats; and,
  • Power systems and Inductors.

An update was also provided on work to improve the accuracy of Passenger Information Display Systems in stations and the work to manage odours in Rideau and Parliament Stations.

Press Release from the Transit Commission.


OC Transpo identifies 12 priority projects in 2020 Business Plan

The City's Transit Commission today received a 2020 Business Plan report that identifies 12 priority projects and initiatives that OC Transpo will focus on for the remainder of the year.

The 12 projects align with Council's priorities, the 2020 budget, customer feedback and directions received through the Transit Commission. They include:

  • Customer Service Improvement – All Channels
  • Para Transpo Online Services
  • Presto Enhancements for Customers
  • First Regulatory Monitor and Compliance Officer Report – Line 1
  • New OC Transpo Performance Measurement and Reporting System
  • Marketing and Advertising to Build Ridership
  • Roll-out of Retail
  • Alternative Fuels Program for OC Transpo Fleet
  • Review of Advertising – Line 1
  • Interprovincial Transit Service
  • Promoting Respect and Inclusivity in the Workplace
  • Stage 2 Preparations

An update regarding Para Transpo online services and Presto capabilities was provided at today's meeting. The Para Transpo interim trip reservation and cancellation web forms will be made available on for all customers to test starting on Friday, February 21, and the full suite of online services will be rolled out by the end of 2020. Staff are working on an interim process that will streamline the use of Presto monthly passes on Para Transpo, and shorten the boarding times for customers. Staff are also working with Metrolinx to assess a solution that will enable customers to tap their Presto card when boarding Para Transpo vehicles. Further details, including timelines, will be provided to Transit Commission and Council once confirmed.

In 2018, the City appointed a Regulatory Monitor and Compliance Officer (RMCO) to perform regulatory compliance monitoring for the Confederation Line following revenue service launch. Today's meeting saw the first RMCO Report presented, which focused on the initial regulatory area: training and certification of employees involved in the movement of trains and light rail vehicles for OC Transpo, as well as Rideau Transit Maintenance (RTM) and its contractors. The overall results were positive, with OC Transpo demonstrating full compliance in all nine areas that were monitored. The RMCO noted one area that could be improved by RTM, which was to further strengthen their already established process for ensuring employees absent for an extended period obtain required training upon returning to work. The RMCO identified two areas that Alstom could improve, which, similar to RTM's feedback, included developing a process to ensure employees absent for an extended timeframe are trained upon returning to work, and also setting up a monitoring process to ensure the process is consistently followed.

Transit Commission members also received an update on O-Train Line 1 and bus service. Peter Lauch, CEO of Rideau Transit Group (RTG), provided information on recent O-Train Line 1 issues that have impacted transit service. OC Transpo and RTG continue to work together to address issues as they arise, and to work collaboratively on long-term solutions.

​Source : City of Ottawa

Audio Recording of Meeting.

Transit Commission meeting - February 19, 2020

Below is the meeting starting from the Confederation Line and Bus Service update to the end.

Confederation Line and Bus Service Update - Transit Commission meeting - February 19, 2020.mp3

The presentation slideshows that were shown at the meeting.

Para Transpo Service Update

Confederation Line - RMCO Annual Compliance Report - Summary

Transit Services 2020 Business Plan

Memo: OC Transpo Busking Program Update
Memo: Project Agreement Provisions for payments to...