Transit Commission - Confederation Line Update - December 16, 2020

The Transit Commission received an operational update on O-Train Line 1 service today.

Line 1 performance in November was 99 per cent, and since August, OC Transpo has seen a positive performance with service between 97 and 99 per cent over those months.

Rideau Transit Group (RTG) continues to progress through its rectification plan to address reliability issues impacting Line 1. Improvements have been made to all electric and gas-powered switch heaters along Line 1, and Alstom and RTG continue with their daily inspection regime resulting from wheel cracks. The replacement of vehicle wheels continues, and 13 vehicles have had their wheels replaced.

Since the start of the Fall service change in September, ridership across the transit system was at 28 per cent of usual levels. Ridership decreased slightly through September and October due to the reinstatement of certain COVID-19 restrictions. OC Transpo continues to monitor ridership as more customers return to using public transit and is making adjustments as they become necessary.

OC Transpo and Rideau Transit Maintenance have completed winter workshops, reviewed winter operating plans and now have additional personnel in place for the winter months.

Source : City of Ottawa

O-Train Line 1 Update audio and presentation.

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