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STM launches challenge combining public transit, physical activity and exploring the city

The STM, with the support of Canada Running Series (CRS), is launching its very first Défi STM to entice Montrealers to go out more, explore their city and use public transit.

The constraints of the pandemic have led many to discover the joys of physical activity or dedicate more time to exercise. That's why the Société de transport de Montréal (STM), with the support of Canada Running Series (CRS), is launching its very first Défi STM. From June 1 to 30, this reinvented footrace will invite participants to travel the length of the Montréal métro network by walking or running through the city, while also using the bus and métro networks to get around.

The total length of the challenge is 66 kilometres over the month of June, a distance of just over two kilometres a day. And whether it's hopping on a bus to get out of a sudden downpour on a walk or taking the métro home after a particularly gruelling run, there are many ways to use STM services while successfully completing the challenge.

In addition to boosting their own physical and mental health, participants will be doing their part by supporting several good causes.

Challenge for a cause
For each registration, a $5 donation will be made to one of four charitable organizations supported by the STM: Centraide du Grand Montréal, the Canadian Red Cross, Partenaire Santé Québec and Réchaud-Bus. Participants will also have the option to start their own fundraisers for the cause or causes of their choice, among those supported by the STM, to increase the amount to be donated.

Additionally, participants who sign up for the $50 registration will receive a free STM-branded running shirt, collectible cup, fridge magnet set and a running belt. The $30 registration option also includes all these items, except the running shirt.

In these difficult times, the STM invites you to complete the Défi STM and find new ways to build exercise into your daily life. Explore or rediscover your city and the transit network that serves it—it's good for your mind, body and soul!

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Source : STM

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