​RFC Statement on the release of the Final Report of the OLRT Public Inquiry

Earlier today, the Honourable Justice William Hourigan released the Final Report by the OLRT Transit Commission. We are thankful for the thorough work done by the Commission.

From their final report, many issues in all aspects of the project have come to light. While it is disappointing and unacceptable given that many could have been avoided, we do hope that this report serves as a valuable and pertinent learning experience for all levels of government on how to run and execute an infrastructure project of this scale and importance.

While many deficiencies and work remain to be done on the system, the improvements in reliability and resiliency of the system have been noticeable since its opening in September 2019. Having said that, it took 3 years to get to this point and more time is still needed to rectify the remaining deficiencies. We hope that the recommendations are implemented, and the required work is prioritized to allow for the system to be a safe, reliable, and dependable method of transport for all of Ottawa.

We at Rail Fans Canada continue to have confidence in the system, however, we do hope to see permanent and proactive solutions to solve the outstanding issues in a timely manner.

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Final report of OLRT Public Inquiry