Quebec City and Alstom presents their vision of the rolling stock for the Quebec Tramway

On June 9th 2023, Alstom and Quebec City unveiled the final designs for the rolling stock to be used on the Quebec City tramway. The 34 trainsets each composed of 4 cars will  be able to carry 272 passengers comfortably, all year around. Alike Ottawa and some of the Metrolinx projects in Toronto, the network will operate using Citadis Spirit trainsets that will be customized for the needs of the city.

The design takes a lot of inspiration from the vision presented in 2020 to help guide the rolling stock suppliers in developing their vehicles. The exterior livery features a two-tone design of grey and black with LED accents running on either side of the vehicle. Alstom has proposed three different exterior concepts to the City. From left to right: Citadelle, Boréal and Harfang. The city will create an online consultation for the population to vote on their preferred design in 2024.

Inside, the Citadis Spirit allows for a fully accessible layout, with a 100% low-floor design. Passenger information displays will be installed in the rolling stock, which will indicate the upcoming stops. Onboard fare validation equipment will be installed at all doors to allow for quick boarding.

Wood accents can be found throughout the cars, as well as the dark grey accent on the ceiling. Silver colored handle-bars are installed throughout to facilitate standing and siting access. The floor is also heated to reduce snow and sleet accumulation at stations, with a bi-tone design.

For accessibility, each car will have a mutimodal space with foldable seats to adapt to the need of various users. A total of 88 seats can be found throughout.

As with other Citadis Spirit models, the Quebec City Tramway will be 100% electric and be able to reach a maximum service speed of 70km/h. The vehicle will be optimized to perform in the difficult winters and general track geometry.

The contract for the rolling stock between the City and Alstom was signed on April 24, 2023. Construction and assembly of the 34 trainsets is expected to start in Q2 2025 in La Pocatière, with first deliveries in 2027. They will then undergo a strict certification and testing regimen to ensure their performance is satisfactory and identify any issues before their service launch in 2029.

Length 46.7 m (4 cars per set)
Width 2.65 m
Electric SystemsOverhead line, 750V DC
Passenger Capacity (3.3 passengers / m3)272 passengers
(Includes seating for 88)
Doors8 per side
Fleet Size34 (with an option for 5 more)
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