O-Train Service Update - Memo

This memo is to provide an update to the Mayor and Members of Council on the ongoing O-Train Line 1 service disruption and the safe, gradual return to service. 

At this time, OC Transpo continues to anticipate that the gradual resumption of service will begin on Monday, July 31. In order to safely resume service, three items are required: 

  • Inspection of all rail vehicles, which was completed on July 24; six vehicles are undergoing additional investigations 
  • Texelis report based on the manufacturer's disassembly and analysis of the out of tolerance axle hub, expected on July 28 
  • Safety Note from Alstom and RTG, outlining the parameters of the new containment plan for the safe operations of Line 1 

Earlier today, Alstom and RTG provided the draft Safety Note. The document is being reviewed by OC Transpo. At a high level, the Safety Note lays out plans for a new inspection and replacement regime that requires: 

  • Continuing with all mitigation measures already in place 
  • Replacement of the leading and trailing wheel hub assemblies and axles every 60,000 kilometres 
  • Implement a new inspection regime for middle bogies 

As a result of this enhanced inspection and replacement program, not all trains will be available to operate as they undergo wheel hub assembly replacement based on their current mileage. OC Transpo is committed to restoring O-Train service as soon as it is safe to do so. Based on this information, current reduced ridership levels, and that Line 1 can operate with either single or double-car trains, customers can expect the following progressive return to service: 

  • Eight single-car trains serving all stations on Line 1, approximately every seven to eight minutes 
  • R1 bus service will continue to operate in parallel to Line 1 service 
  • OC Transpo staff will continue to be at key stations to support customers during their trip 
  • The Transit Operations Control Centre will be closely monitoring passenger volumes at stations 

This fleet size in combination with the ongoing R1 bus service will provide the capacity required to meet current customer volumes. This temporary single-car train configuration enables OC Transpo and RTG to manage the supply of rail vehicles while meeting the more frequent inspection and replacement regime in order to ensure the sustainable delivery of service. 

OC Transpo and Rideau Transit Group (RTG) conducted a risk assessment and confirmed that since the system was originally designed to accommodate both single and double-car train operations, there are no additional risks to customer safety at station platforms. 

As RTG progresses with the wheel hub assembly replacement, more trains will become available to maintain the sustainability of the eight trains in operation. Once OC Transpo can be assured that there is a sustainable number of vehicles available for service, we will assess an increase to the number of operating trains. 

OC Transpo continues to work with RTG and Alstom to finalize the Safety Note and the gradual safe return to service plan. Once plans are final, full details will be communicated to customers prior to the start of service through all of OC Transpo's channels. 

There will be a media availability at 4 p.m. today and we will continue to share information as it becomes available.

Source : City of Ottawa

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