O-Train Line 1 - Update : February 26, 2020

In preparation for the winter storm forecasted by Environment Canada, OC Transpo has initiated our Severe Weather Plan which includes:

  • Activation of our Service Command Centre;
  • Enhanced communications to customers;
  • Increased staffing levels;
  • Implementing various mitigation measures on Line 1 such as brake rate adjustments, which results in more gradual braking and acceleration when entering or leaving stations;
  • Should it be required to operate trains overnight, RTM will do so in conjunction with their snow clearing operations. If warranted, we have staff available to run trains overnight; and,
  • Bringing in third party resources to supplement City equipment or operations as required.

RTM and their contractors will be clearing snow throughout the weather event. They have provided us with a detailed plan outlining their preparations to ensure the winter readiness of the train fleet, snow clearing and salting in stations and along the line and maintenance of all rail infrastructure. That plan includes:

  • Specialized snow clearing equipment will be deployed throughout Line 1;
  • Proactive clearing and testing of track switches;
  • Specialized technical staff who will be deployed throughout to monitor stations, vehicles and rail infrastructure; and,
  • Dedicated snow clearing staff at all above-ground stations and additional staff to maintain stairs in the underground stations.

Service is being actively monitored, and adjustments will be made, when and if required.

S1 bus service will continue to operate from downtown to Hurdman, Blair and Tunney's Pasture stations as planned this afternoon. In the event that we need to implement R1 service, for example, due to a stopped train on the line, S1 service would be cancelled and those buses would be redeployed to provide R1 service.

In the event of service delays due to uncontrollable factors, we will communicate the impacts to our customers as they happen through various communications channels, including:; on Twitter (@OC_Transpo and @OCTranspoLive), the OC Transpo iPhone app, subscription-based alert notifications (both SMS and e-mail formats) and on transit screens at stations.

As with any significant storm event, we anticipate longer travel times for road users throughout the entire transportation network.

We thank our customers for their patience and encourage all Ottawa residents to plan ahead and give themselves extra time to get to their destinations tomorrow.

​Source : City of Ottawa



(4:36pm) One of the components on the overhead catenary system has become loose east of St. Laurent Station. As a result, trains are unable to proceed. One train is being held to asses if we can move passengers to station or evacuate. Crews have been dispatched to investigate and assess the work required to make repairs. Trains are running in from St. Laurent to Tunney's Pasture Station. R1 bus service is running from St. Laurent to Blair. We are providing information to customers on all channels, as well as making announcements in stations and on trains. We will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available.

​(4:45pm) Passengers are being evacuated from the train to the buses that are there to accommodate them.

(5:26pm) Related to the ongoing situation, another vehicle has been stopped east of Tremblay Station. Customers will exit the stopped vehicle, and be transported on another train to the next station. This operation will take place in a few moments. One of the customers onboard is requesting medical assistance, not related to the incident. Paramedics are responding. Trains continue to run between Tunney's Pasture and Hurdman Station. Bus service is running from Hurdman to Blair.

RTM has confirmed that they have the parts to make repairs, and will begin work shortly after rush hour. Subject to those repairs being completed satisfactorily, service in the affected area will recommence.

(5:48pm) Second train evacuated medical situation dealt with.

(6:53pm) Repairs are about to begin on the overhead catenary system. Train service continues to run from Tunney's to Hurdman Station. Bus service continues to run between Hurdman and Blair Station.

As soon as repairs and testing is complete, train service will resume along the full length of the line.

(9:20pm) Repairs are continuing to the overhead catenary system, and as soon as service is restored, we will advise.

There is a stalled train at uOttawa due to an arcing issue.

Service continues to operate with trains running between Tunney's Pasture and Hurdman Station and bus service provided from Hurdman to Blair Station.

We will advise when train service has resumed across the system.

(10:40pm) Repairs to the overhead catenary system are being finalized and testing will occur shortly. Once complete, service across the full line will resume.

We are working with RTM to prepare trains for tomorrow morning's service.

(5:31am Thursday) Full service was restored at 12:20 am.

O-Train Line 1 - Update : February 27, 2020
Memo: OC Transpo Busking Program Update