Memo: Update on Safe Return-to-Service Plan: Independent Rail Safety Expert Technical Briefing on November 5

The purpose of this memo is to advise you that staff and the Transportation Resource Associates (TRA) are planning to hold a technical briefing on Friday, November 5, 2021 at 11:30 am. The purpose of this briefing is to confirm the work that Rideau Transit Group (RTG) and the City are undertaking to allow partial service on the O-Train Line 1 to resume within the first two weeks of November, as anticipated. This was a commitment we made to Council and the Commission, and a formal invitation will be sent to you shortly.

This technical briefing is being provided now, as the
full system-wide testing of O-Train Line 1 for the partial return-to-service plan is currently underway, under the oversight and ongoing monitoring of TRA. The testing is allowing TRA, RTG and the City to confirm that all the repairs on the trains, track and the infrastructure meet the quality standards required for the safe and continued operations of O-Train Line 1.

With the testing program well underway, TRA is nearing the completion of their independent evaluation of the partial return-to-service plan for Line 1. They will provide Members of Council and Transit Commissioners with an overview of their work, findings, and recommendations at the technical briefing.

Progress updates will continue to be provided to Members of Council and Transit Commissioners and a final date for full return-to-service will be determined by the City in consultation with the Regulatory Monitor and Compliance Officer (RMCO), TRA and all parties involved.


Steve Kanellakos

Source : City of Ottawa

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