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Light Rail Sub-Committee Hears O-Train Expansion Update

 The City's Light Rail Sub-Committee received a detailed presentation on construction activity for the three O-Train extension projects and a status update on the work being done by the City to address the recommendations in the Ottawa LRT Public Inquiry Action Plan.

O-Train Lines 2 and 4 are progressing well, with station construction nearing completion. Works along the alignment include communications equipment installation, station occupancy approvals, and ongoing construction of park & ride facilities.

The Sub-Committee also received an update on steps required before revenue service. Testing and commissioning is ongoing and will continue through the fall. The Rail Activation Management Program (RAMP) scorecard, which identifies critical activities essential for a successful public launch, was presented, and the committee received an update on the status of each component.

An update on O-Train Lines 1 and 3 progress was also provided. The O-Train East Line continues to make progress with rail and overhead catenary system (OCS) installation advancing well, and stations continuing to take shape. Rail installation at the Corkstown Yard (formerly called the Moodie Light Maintenance and Storage Facility) on the O-Train West Line has begun. The cut and cover tunnels continue to advance, with excavation nearing completion; walls and roof concrete pours are advancing, and backfilling in some areas is now underway. Videos on the progress of the O-Train Lines 1 and 3 east and west extensions are now available.

A status update on the 103 recommendations in the Ottawa LRT Public Inquiry Action Plan was given; this update identifies progress on the 95 recommendations which lie within the City's power to action. The remaining eight recommendations lie within the jurisdiction of the provincial and federal governments.

As of September 20, 2023, a total of 56 recommendations are considered complete or have been incorporated into ongoing City policies for implementation in future projects. Of note, the City has updated its P3 Policy and Administrative Procedures to incorporate lessons learned for future major infrastructure projects.

Staff expect to have approximately 75 of the 95 recommendations fully completed by the end of 2023, with the remaining substantially complete or fully incorporated into ongoing work or processes.

The status update on recommendations in the Ottawa LRT Public Inquiry Action Plan will rise to Council on October 11.

Source : City of Ottawa

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