Confederation Line & Stage 2 LRT Update - City Council - May 13, 2020

Council received an update on Stage 1 and Stage 2 of light-rail transit. The City continues to work with Rideau Transit Group to improve the reliability of service on the Confederation Line. Staff provided Council with a summary of Rideau Transit Group's improvement plan, which outlines the group's priorities to ensure that Line 1 operates to the standard expected by the City under the project agreement and by customers.

Stage 2 construction continues on all three extensions. In the south, rail bridge and elevated guideway construction is progressing. In the east, Highway 174 work is underway to prepare for guideway and station construction in the median. In the west, utilities are being relocated in preparation for cut and cover tunnel construction to start later this year.

Source : City of Ottawa

Confederation Line and Stage 2 LRT Update - City Council - May 13, 2020

Confederation Line Update

 Stage 2 LRT Update

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