City of Ottawa receives presentation from STO study to link transit systems

The City today received a presentation by the Société de transports de l'Outaouais (STO) on its Complementary Study: Public Transit System in Gatineau's West End. The STO is studying the feasibility of expanding its transit services into western Gatineau, a project that would include a link to downtown Ottawa.

The study aims to meet the transportation needs of Gatineau's west end residents for many decades by providing reliable, efficient public transit service to the downtown cores of Gatineau and Ottawa, along with other key points of interest.

Interprovincial bridges between the two cities provide more than 200,000 crossings every day. About 48,000 of those trips are made on public transit. The STO system needs to evolve to meet the needs of a growing population, especially in Gatineau's west end.

The study will help the STO determine how to integrate a new rapid-transit link into Ottawa to improve connectivity for transit users in both cities. Changes to the STO system will affect how residents on both sides of the Ottawa River travel between Ottawa and Gatineau, as well as help reduce the high number of STO buses currently operating on Ottawa's downtown streets.

Residents can visit or the STO's project website to learn about the project and the ongoing study. Further public consultation will be held in June to give residents an additional opportunity to review the work and provide feedback, before a final recommendation is submitted to Transportation Committee and Council for approval this summer.


"I look forward to seeing an improved transit connection between our two cities – one that will see hundreds of STO buses removed from our downtown streets. This electric tram project aligns well with Ottawa's goals for more sustainable transportation, and it will help improve air quality for our residents, in support of the principles of the City's Climate Change Master Plan."

Mayor Jim Watson, City of Ottawa

"STO representatives have engaged with City staff on this transformative project, which could change the way people get around between Ottawa and Gatineau. I look forward to seeing the analysis of these options in the coming months and what it will mean for Ottawa's residents."

Councillor Tim Tierney, Chair, Transportation Committee

Source : City of Ottawa 

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