Budget 2021 invests in services, keeping Ottawa moving forward in the face of a pandemic

Stage 2 of Ottawa's LRT system continues moving forward, with funding to expand service east by 12 kilometres and five stations, west by 15 kilometres and 11 stations, and south by 12 kilometres and eight stations – including a link to the Ottawa International Airport. Once Stage 2 is completed, it will feature 24 new stations along 44 kilometres of rail, bringing 77 per cent of residents within five kilometres of LRT.

Draft Budget 2021 includes $6 million to deliver expanded rail service on Lines 1 and 2. It includes $6.2 million to support expanded service as part of Stage 2 and nearly $24 million to purchase and install fare control equipment for all three extensions, along with updates to allow Open Payments.

Draft Budget 2021 commits $13 million to improve Blair and Tunney's Pasture stations, adding canopies and information panels, and replacing and adding an elevator at Blair Station.

The cost of the EquiPass and the Community Pass for Ontario Disability Support Program recipients will remain frozen at 2018 rates for another year. 

Source : City of Ottawa

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