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Blue line extension: Final phase of project’s largest call for tenders launches

The Blue line extension Project Office announced an important milestone today: the issuing of the final call for tenders for the construction of a tunnel using a tunnel boring machine and for site preparation work for some of the future stations and auxiliary structures. This is the largest contract to be awarded in this major project. When complete, the Blue line extension will transform the transportation landscape in the east end of Montréal and inject new life into the area's economy.

Given the complexity of this contract, a two-stage call for tenders process was selected. In the first phase of the call for tenders, which began in December 2022, preliminary tenders were received. This phase had the benefit of beginning a discussion process with the pre-qualified bidders. It also provided specificity on the financial and technical aspects of the project. The discussion process with bidders is now complete. Today, the project office is commencing the issuing of the final call for tenders, which will allow the pre-qualified bidders to submit their final tenders.

The winning bidder will be announced in the first quarter of 2024. This bidder will be responsible for providing:

  • The detailed design, supply and operation of the tunnel boring machine
  • The construction of the tunnel between Pie-IX and Anjou West using a tunnel boring machine
  • The construction of the tunnel between Pie-IX and the tail tracks of the current Blue line using conventional tunnelling methods
  • The excavation of Pie-IX (main entrance building only), Viau and Lacordaire stations and some auxiliary structures
Updated project schedule

Following the discussion process with bidders, the timetable was extended to be fine-tuned around market realities. As a result, the Blue line extension will not be put into operation before 2030. The scenario for putting the line extension into operation will be confirmed when the next contracts have been awarded and the final terms of the project have been approved by the Conseil des ministres.

The project office still intends to begin major excavation work in 2024.

The project is officially in its execution phase. Work is continuing as planned, in concert with the partners responsible for the project. 

Source: STM

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