Barrhaven Light Rail Transit (Baseline Station to Barrhaven Town Centre) and Rail Grade-Separations, Planning and Environmental Assessment Study – Recommendations

Today the City of Ottawa released its report on the recommendations for the Barrhaven O-Train Stage 3 extension. The report will be considered by the Transportation Committee on November 2nd. You can consult the documents and plans below. 

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The extension of Light Rail Transit (LRT) to Barrhaven is contemplated in the current Transportation Master Plan (TMP), as part of the Ultimate Rapid Transit and Transit Priority Network, with intended implementation beyond the 2031 horizon year. In 2018, Council directed staff to initiate an Environmental Assessment (EA) study. Completion of the study will bring the Barrhaven area to the same level as other suburban communities in Ottawa with regards to LRT planning, as part of the Stage 3 LRT program.

The study focused on the rapid transit corridor that was protected through the 1997 Southwest Transitway EA study (Baseline Station to Strandherd Drive) and the 2006 Southwest Transitway Extension EA study (Strandherd Drive to Cambrian Road). The study also examined options for implementation staging, a Train Storage and Servicing Facility (TSSF), a new Park and Ride lot, and pedestrian and cycling facilities to support rapid transit service.

The study is being conducted under the Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP), Ontario Regulation 231/08 in accordance with the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act.

Project Description

• 10 kilometres of twin-track, fully segregated electric LRT;

- 2.4 kilometres on an elevated structure west of Woodroffe Avenue between Baseline Station and the Nepean Sportsplex.

- 7.6 kilometres conversion of the existing Southwest Transitway between Nepean Sportsplex and Barrhaven Town Centre, including 1.7 kilometres of an open-cut trench at the southern end of LRT line.

• 7 LRT stations;

  • Three new LRT stations: Tallwood, Knoxdale and Nepean Sportsplex.
  • Conversion of four existing Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) stations to LRT stations: Fallowfield, Longfields, Strandherd and Barrhaven Centre.
  • Improved and new facilities for pedestrian and cyclists along the corridor, including a pedestrian bridge connecting to the Nepean Sportsplex;
  • Three new bridges over the VIA Rail line at Woodroffe Avenue, the Southwest Transitway and Fallowfield Road;
  • Three new below-grade structures at Berrigan Drive, Marketplace Avenue and Chapman Mills Drive;
  • A light rail Train Storage and Servicing Facility (TSSF) near the Via Rail overpass at Greenbank Road (1005 and 1045 Greenbank Road);
  • A bus-to-rail transfer terminal and 250 spaces park-and-ride facility at the Barrhaven Town Centre; and
  • Signalization at Woodroffe Avenue and the entrance to Baseline Station, and the relocation of a northbound bus stop to far-side at Norice Street as interim transit priority measures.

An elevated guideway west of Woodroffe Avenue is recommended as it is less technically complicated and will not create a barrier between communities. The elevated segment is located 40 metres to 60 metres from the homes on Beechcliffe Street.

South of Knoxdale Road, the elevated guideway requires a 20-metre wide strip of land which would affect 120 residential rental units owned by two private companies. The City will continue to inform residents of the project status, including updates to timelines, so that they may be aware of any impacts and can plan accordingly. The City will also work with its affordable housing partners and with private sector developers to encourage them to offer similar housing options on adjacent lands or in nearby communities.

South of Nepean Sportsplex to Barrhaven Town Centre, the LRT would follow the existing Southwest Transitway corridor, with grade separations over the VIA Rail line. A new signalized intersection at Woodroffe Avenue will provide access to the integrated Fallowfield Station. The Park and Ride at the Barrhaven Centre Station could be integrated with the future development plans for the Barrhaven Town Centre area.

The train storage and servicing facility will be located on City-owned land in the north-east corner of Greenbank-Highbury Park intersection. The location is near the end of the LRT line, which will reduce deadhead train mileage, operating cost and non-revenue service time. The recommended site is currently identified and was approved by Council on April 10, 2019 (ACS2019-PIE-GEN-001) as a short-term site to be retained and developed for the purpose of affordable housing within the next five to seven years. Portions of these lands were also earmarked as having potential for development/disposal by the Ottawa Community Lands Corporation. Staff recommend repurposing the site for the Barrhaven LRT's Train Storage and Servicing Facility and recommend that the Interdepartmental Task Force on Affordable Housing perform a separate comprehensive review of potential short-term sites along Stage 3 LRT corridors to replace the loss of this affordable housing site to LRT use. The review would replicate the process that recommended the original twenty sites along Stage 2 LRT and existing Transitway corridors and staff will report back once a suitable replacement short-term site has been identified. The Interdepartmental Task Force on Affordable Housing is a collaborative effort with staff from: Transportation Services; Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development; and Community and Social Services.  

Source : City of Ottawa

Report - Barrhaven LRT EA Recommendations

Document 1 - Recommended Plan (Baseline Station to Barrhaven Town Centre)

Document 2 - Evaluation Criteria and Results

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