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Rail Fans Canada is dedicated to the exploration and discovery of rail public transit across Canada. Our platform provides a wealth of engaging content, from captivating photos and informative videos and articles, all designed to take our viewers and readers along for the ride. Join us in our journey as we interview the experts to bring you first-hand knowledge and informed-based commentary on rail transit in Canada. Whether you're a lifelong rail enthusiast or simply curious about Canada's impressive transit systems, Rail Fans Canada is the perfect destination for discovering and learning about the history, operations, and latest developments in rail transit.

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Shane Séguin - Creator and Editor

Born and raised in Ottawa, I have always had a big interest in public infrastructure and transit as well as urban planning and design. As life would have it, my actual work and career are not even close to being related to these areas or fields of interest. Nevertheless, that has not stopped me from being informed, doing my own research, enjoying and discovering all there is to know. I am a big fan of the Montreal Metro system and the reality of having something similar here in Ottawa is truly exciting. Beyond trains, I am an avid skier and can often be found in the winter months on the slopes, either locally, in the Laurentians or in the Eastern Townships.

David Bellerive

I am someone with too many hobbies and interests. However, there is something that is a constant in my life: I want to see the world we live in become a better place for all. This is how my fascination with infrastructure and transportation projects started. Since then, I have bene increasingly involved in documenting and advocating about those projects and their benefits to the communities. Tramways, subways, regional rail, passenger rail, high speed rail: all things that fascinate me in a way or another. There is something just amazing about traveling by train that cannot be described: it feels familiar regardless of where you are in the world.

Derek Ellis

Patrick McKay

Patrick is avid contributor for snapshot updates including contributing a large selection of aerial photography for many of the o train stations. He is a fan of many urbanism projects but specially advocates for protected bicycle infrastructure and has created a website dedicated to tracking its progress in the city.

Mathieu Fortin

I spent most of my life living in Eastern Ontario yet I got the privilege of living in Montreal for awhile (near Crémazie station) where I got to enjoy what is, in my eyes the most beautiful subway system in the world. I may have moved but my heart will always belong in Montreal. I always had an interest for subways, and all kinds of buses, from transit to school to coaches, as well as taxicabs. Since 2009, I got to work mostly in communications, both as a broadcaster and writer, mostly in sports. I was glad to get the opportunity to write about the Montreal Metro for this website, as it gets to showcase the uniqueness of each station. In addition to Montreal, I also have a particular interest for subways in Vancouver, Washington and New York.

Alain Boyer

Natif de Montréal. J'ai habité surtout à Laval et sur la Rive-Nord de Montréal. I cannot describe myself as an enthusiast. But working almost 11 years for Agence métropolitaine de transport (7 in the headquarters and 4 at the MR-90 maintenance facility under Gare Centrale) has opened my eyes at all the hard work and dedication that must be brought everyday to ensure a most pleasant commute for the passengers. 

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