Scarborough RT (TTC)

Scarborough RT - The History and Technology with Seth McDermott (Part 1 of 2)

Line 3 Scarborough (originally known as the Scarborough RT or SRT) is a light rapid transit line and part of the Toronto TTC's Subway system. Featuring 6 stations, along a length of 6.4km of mostly elevated track, it connects with Line 2 Bloor-Danforth at Kennedy Station. The northeast terminus is McCowan. 

The line operates the Intermediate Capacity Transit System (ICTS) Mark I trains, built by the Urban Transportation Development Corporation (UTDC), which are also known in Toronto as the S Series. These trains are some of the earliest examples of Linear Induction Motor technology in a transit system and have since been built and used in other cities around the world, notably Vancouver's SkyTrain. 

In this video discussion with Seth McDermott, a transit enthusiast and historian, we discuss the history and development of this very interesting and unique transit line, as well as the linear induction motor (LIM) technology that it helped pioneer.

Special thanks to Nicholas Polischouk for many of the photos used in this video.

The content of the two-part videos is also available in an audio-only format below.

Toronto's Line 3 Scarborough RT - The History and Technology, Expansion Options and Closure with Seth McDermott -