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SkyTrain Fans is a railfan operated enthusiast website, with the aim of showcasing the SkyTrain transit network operated in Vancouver, British Columbia. The SkyTrain is both modern and state of the art, in both its execution and design, enabling commuters to travel the city with ease, while lowering the environmental footprint and saving time and money. The SkyTrain Fans website was born out of a desire to highlight this unique transit network, one that rivals those of other Canadian cities such as Montréal and Toronto. The arrival of the SkyTrain was a significant milestone in the history of Vancouver, and recognizing this fact we felt it was important to showcase this transit system, so that other interested people can learn more about what makes it special and unique.

SkyTrain Fans aims to highlight all the unique features of the SkyTrain system, from its stations, to the rolling stock and more. Please check back frequently as new content is added regularily. Our site will also feature informational videos with key people in the city where we get first hand information on the SkyTrain straight from the source.

SkyTrain Fans is not affiliated, nor connected to either TransLink or the City of Vancouver. Any media and customer related inquiries should be directed to them and not this site by visiting the TransLink or the City of Vancouver websites.

Thank you and enjoy the ride!

Creator and Webmaster of SkyTrain Fans

Shane Séguin

Born and raised in Ottawa, I have always had a big interest in public infrastructure and transit as well as urban planning and design. As life would have it, my actual work and career are not even close to being related to these areas or fields of interest. Never the less, that has not stopped me from being informed, doing my own research, enjoying and discovering all there is to know.

I am a big fan of the Vancouver SkyTrain system, with its vast stations, impressive trains and fully automated operations. That is why I made the decision to chronicle its future expansions that will soon begin. This is a milestone event in the history of Vancouver, as the SkyTrain is a big step towards advancing the city in a new direction.

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