Quebec City Tramway

Rolling Stock - Alstom Citadis Spirit

After the completion of the procurement process for its rolling stock, the City of Quebec and Alstom presented the final vision of the rolling stock on June 9th 2023. This is the conclusion of a process that started in late 2020 with the city unveiling their own vision for the rolling stock and stations.

The rolling stock to be used on the future Quebec Tramway will be the Citadis Spirit, a four-module light rail vehicle (LRV) built by Alstom for the North American market. The Quebec City vehicles will be assembled at Alstom's Factory in La Pocatière with parts provided through Alstom's global supply chain. 34 trainsets have been ordered, with an option for 5 additional trainsets. Alike the Citadis Spirit in Ottawa and in the GTA, the trainset is modular. This includes two cab modules with two doors per side, a center module with one door per side and an intermediate module with 2 doors per side, resulting in a capacity of 272 passengers (88 seated and 184 standing) and a train length of 46.7m.

The trains will operate with electricity provided by an overhead contact line supplying 750 volts DC . This enables the LRVs be 100% zero emissions, and also contributes to  low noise levels during operations. The rolling stock can also utilize regenerative breaking to reduce the electrical needs of the system: the electric motors turn into generators and convert the kinetic energy into electricity to be used by other LRVs on the line, further optimizing efficiency and energy consumption.

The Citadis Spirit feature a 100% low floor design for enhanced accessibility and comfort. The floors will be heated, to help remove snow and water build-up during the winter season. The modules will also be heated and air conditioned individually to offer improved comfort throughout the seasons. While the internal layout of the trains is not entirely known, it is likely to be very similar to the one used in Ottawa. From the existing renders, the layout will include wide areas for mobility devices, bikes or other users with accessibility needs. Fare validation will be performed onboard, with equipment at each door. Automated voice messages and electronic displays mounted along the ceiling announce the next station and other important information.

Length 46.7 m (Four Modules)
Width2.65 m
Electric SystemsOverhead line, 750V DC
Passenger Capacity (At 3.3 passengers per square meter)272 (88 seated, 184 standing)
Doors8 per side
Fleet Size34 (Option for 5 additional units)

Design presented by Alstom on June 9th 2023

Design guidelines presented in November 2020 

Vision presented in November 2020 with the three visual identities.