Snapshot of Walkley Station - August 20, 2020


Future Walkley Station single track/platform rails have been lifted and dragged north to accommodate construction work for Stage 2 Trillium Line.

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Snapshot for Walkley Station - June 14, 2020

Walkley Station facing north from the Walkley Road overpass.
Facing South.
Down the path facing north towards the bridge
Down the path facing south.

Overall not very easy to understand where the station will actually be, nothing seem to actually be happening under the bridge and the staging area seen in the last picture seems to be where the actual station will be. The renders seems kind of off for this station. 

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Snapshot of Walkley Station - January 8, 2020


 In this snapshot update for Stage 2 LRT, we take a look at Walkley Station, along the Trillium Line South Extension, and discuss what will change, and what is to come over the next few years.

Looking from the future Walkley O-Train Station entrance towards the existing Walkley Transitway Station.
Looking down from the Walkley overpass at the future station below. The station will be a single platform on the right side of the tracks.
The O-Train station will exit onto Walkley Road here.
Passengers can transfer to bus or reach the bus Transitway station just a minute's walk away.
There will be no direct connection between the O-Train and the Transitway stations in the current plans.
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