Tremblay Station is located directly next to the VIA Rail Ottawa station. In addition to providing access to the VIA Rail station, it also serves Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Park (Baseball Stadium), the Hampton Inn and Marriot Courtyard hotels via the Max Keeping pedestrian bridge that crosses over Highway 417, as well as to other nearby destinations.
Tremblay Station offers one entrance, and a side platform layout. The entrance is oriented towards the VIA Rail station and features an overhead canopy to help shield passengers from the natural elements. This canopy is the main art installation and features mirrored stainless steel cutouts of the different provincial and territorial flowers that hang and sway with the wind, which also allow sunlight to pass through from above. It is definitely worth seeing in person as the effect and uniqueness cannot be replicated in the photo. Surrounding this area is a public plaza, complete with benches and seating.

From the large open concourse, stairs and dual elevator banks provide access to the platform level below. The first half of the platform is contained within the station building, while the far end extends beyond and is surrounded by glass curtain walls, providing views of the surrounding natural vegetation and green spaces, especially along the far end of the westbound platform.

Overall, Tremblay Station is a station with a relatively simple design that offers large open and airy spaces, great viewpoints of the track and beyond, and calming scenery outside the station walls. With stunning artwork outside along the pathway to the entrance and an abundance of natural light inside, Tremblay is a standout example of the design and execution of making a public transit facility a welcoming place.


The stunning artwork at this station is among the best along the Confederation Line. The intricacy and detail achieved demonstrate plenty of imagination in its design. It truly must be seen in person to be appreciated. The open spaces, airy feeling and soaring rooflines of the station combine perfectly to create an inviting environment to catch the train. As this station is one of the first places people arriving in Ottawa by VIA Rail will visit, it is a perfect setting, both visually and in design to fulfill this important role of welcoming visitors and tourists in addition to residents returning home.


Title: National Garden
Artist: Jyhling Lee (Toronto, ON)

National Garden is an imaginary landscape composed of the official flowers from each Canadian province, territory and the City of Ottawa. Situated alongside the VIA Rail Station, the sculptural plaza canopy recognizes the faraway destinations that can be reached by train and acknowledges the distant places that travellers may have come from. The flowers are mementos from abroad. National Garden celebrates both the romance of travel and recognizes, through the depiction of vernacular flowers, the unique and delicate qualities of Canadian culture and the physical landscape.

Mirrored finish stainless steel panels will be integrated onto the underside of the glass canopy over the pedestrian walkway towards the station from the VIA Rail Station. The panels will have cut-outs with fold-over pieces depicting various silhouettes of provincial and territorial flowers, and Ottawa's municipal flower.

Artwork descriptions provided by the City of Ottawa

  • Opening Date: September 14, 2019
  • Line: Confederation Line
  • Previous Station: St-Laurent (1300 metres)
  • Following Station: Hurdman (945 metres)


  • Balanced Boardings: 24,000
  • Weekday Average: 900
  • Weekend Average: 600

Balanced boardings are the average number of entries and exits at O-Train stations. 

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Snapshot of Tremblay Station - May 31, 2019

Taking a look at Blair, Cyrville, St. Laurent, Tremblay and Hurdman Stations along the O-Train Confederation Line in Ottawa, Ontario. With plenty of Alstom Citadis Spirit LRV testing taking place, the stations are bustling with activity and life. This video was filmed entirely on May 31st, 2019.

Tremblay Station 

Tremblay Station, located just steps from the ViaRail station.
The public art installation of Tremblay Station.
The art is quite detailed and elaborate.
It is essentially sheet metal that has nature motifs cut out and hanging. The glass canopy shines through the openings.
Looks amazing!!!
Looking inside the station. The faregates and beyond the elevators to the westbound platform.
Fare vending machines.
Looking towards the platforms. The elevators to the eastbound platform are not visible in this photo but are immediately to the left.
Outside the station, looking westbound.
The platforms as seen from the multi-use pathway.
Tremblay Station with Via Rail to the left.
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Snapshot of Tremblay Station - August 12, 2018

Snapshot of Tremblay Station - August 12, 2018
Alstom Citadis Sprit #1126 just outside of Tremblay Station
New Flyer D60LFr #6431 seen crossing over at Tremblay.
And now #1109 just a dozen metres away from #1126
Tremblay Station
The glass canopy to shelter the walkway to the Via Rail terminal.
And a shot from the opposite end to see the Tremblay Station platforms.
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Snapshot of Tremblay Station - November 4, 2018

Tremblay Station, just next to the VIA Rail sign.
The main entrance and the fare gates.
Two of the elevators towards the eastbound platforms.
Looking down towards the tracks.
And the platforms.
The tracks and guideway towards St. Laurent station.
And back towards Tremblay station.
The Tremblay Station O-Train marker.
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Snapshot of Tremblay Station - January 10, 2019

Tremblay Station, as seen from the VIA Rail train station ring road. You can see how the shape and orientation of the glass entrance helps identify its location, even from a distance.
The station entrance is only a 2 minute walk from the VIA Rail train station's entrance.
The entrance, fare vending machines and fare gates.
This is the only entrance and exit for Tremblay Station.
Looking down towards the tracks. You can see the very end of one of the platforms.
The platforms and concourse station levels.
The south side of the station.
The opposite end of the platforms, that extend outward from the station.
And the tracks heading towards Hurdman, first passing over Riverside Drive.
Looking back at the station from the opposite side.
The sun rises above Tremblay Station.
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