Parliament Station is one of three downtown underground stations along the Confederation Line. This station experiences a high volume of passengers on the O-Train network due to its proximity to many federal government departments and its location in the core downtown business district.

As this station is located underground, station entrances are integrated into several surrounding buildings. The Sun Life Financial Centre has direct access via its atrium into the station, with an additional external entrance located on Queen Street. A second entrance is situated at the corner of Queen and O'Connor Streets, on the facade of 155 Queen (Heritage Place). This entrance also connects to the Winners retailer, offering the store a second entrance to its existing main entrance on Sparks Street, as well as serving as an unofficial entrance to the station. A third standalone entrance, offering accessible access via twin elevators directly to the underground concourse is also available at the corner of Queen and O'Connor.

The station's layout allows the possibility to walk from one set of entrances to another, without passing through the fare gates to do so.

The main concourse is quite impressive, with the stunning multicoloured artwork on the ceiling stretching across the ceiling, to the subdued lighting present throughout. The space is vast and passengers can easily pass through this important area of the station easily at all times of the day. 

At the platform level, located 19 metres below ground, the main colour is green, reflected in the accents on the walls, as well as the artwork separating the guideway in two.

Overall, Parliament Station is one of the true highlights of the Confederation Line, with its eye-catching artwork, connectivity to adjacent buildings, and station design and layout.


The unique artwork present in the concourse and the platform levels are extremely eye-catching and at the same time relaxing to see, a unique trait to have for such a busy station. The concourse allows passage to all entrances without needing to pass through a fare gate, a feature which is unique to Parliament in the downtown underground stations. Parliament is also the first O-Train station to have an entrance to a store (Winners) integrated into one of its entrance passageways.

Another interesting feature or "secret" of Parliament Station is the mysterious Level M. While the public is not able to visit Level M, it can be briefly seen while riding the elevators between street level at Queen and O'Connor to the underground concourse. The purpose and contents of Level M remain for the time being... a mystery.


Title: Lone Pine Sunset

Artist: Douglas Coupland (Vancouver, BC)

Lone Pine Sunset, reinterprets Tom Thomson's seminal painting The Jack Pine, through its use of colour and formal geometry. The iconic painting is converted into geometric forms which hover beneath the station's ceiling. The space is imbued with the rich, distinctive colourization that was a trademark of both Thomson's work and the Group of Seven in general.

Artwork descriptions provided by the City of Ottawa

Title: Trails: home and away

Artist: Jennifer Stead (Florenceville-Bristol, NB)

Trails: home and away is a series of 11 laser-cut painted steel panels, nine feet tall by 20 feet long, depicting the small, low-growing plants that line the paths and trails across Canada. Each panel design describes plants specific to one of the many ecological zones of the country, starting toward the west end of the platform at Parliament Station with the Pacific Maritime and progressing through the Mountain, Arctic, Boreal and Prairie to the Atlantic.

Artwork descriptions provided by the City of Ottawa

  • Opening Date: September 14, 2019
  • Line: Confederation Line
  • Previous Station: Rideau (725 metres)
  • Following Station: Lyon (400 metres)
  • Platform Depth: 19 metres below ground

 STATION RIDERSHIP (November 2019)

  • Balanced Boardings: 381,000
  • Weekday Average: 16,700
  • Weekend Average: 3,400

Balanced boardings are the average number of entries and exits at O-Train stations.

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Snapshot of Parliament Station - August 9, 2018

A quick photo safari during lunch on August 9 and 10th. Here are the entrances of Parliament Station. The picture above is of the integrated entrance at 155 Queen (Heritage Building).
And the mid-entrance right across the street at O'Connor and Queen.
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Snapshot of Parliament Station - August 20, 2018

Snapshot of Parliament Station - August 20, 2018
Queen Street street-scaping in progress in front of the World Exchange Plaza.
Open work hole on Queen Street, showing exposed wires, conduits and connections.
Now looking towards the mid-entrance at the corner of Queen and O'Connor
And the north east integrated entrance in the Heritage Building.
Inside the Sunlife Financial Building, showing the integrated entrance to the Parliament Station.
Closed for now but opening soon.
Looking down towards the station entrance building.
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Snapshot of Parliament Station - September 13, 2018

Entrance of Parliament Station at corner of O'Connor and Queen
The stairs heading down towards the underground concourse.
The Parliament Station mid entrance. This entrance will feature only elevators.
The entrance is on the opposite side. The elevators are positioned at both extremities, visible by the black tarps at both ends. The shorter section to the right appears to be a utility electrical room.
The integrated entrance inside the SunLife Financial Centre
Seen again from the opposite side.
Looking down Queen Street from O'Connor towards Metcalfe. This street section is currently closed to vehicle circulation.
The western half-section of Queen between O'Connor and Bank. Nearly done and almost ready to reopen.
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Snapshot of Parliament Station - November 7, 2018


Parliament Station 

After several years of O'Connor Street operating with reduced lanes (mostly one single lane), it is now finally reopened to its full width.
Looking towards the O'Connor / Queen intersection and two of the Parliament Station entrances.
The integrated entrance in 155 Queen.
It was brought to my attention that the small O-Train Line 1 sign went up around rush hour. This photo is from Thursday morning.
And the elevator entrance located directly across the street.
This entrance features automatic sliding doors, with elevators positioned to the left and right when you enter.
The integrated entrance of the Sun Life Financial Centre, approaching completion.
Same entrance but inside the SLFC building atrium. Currently being used as a staging area and material storage but otherwise completed.
Looking down Queen Street from O'Connor towards Metcalfe. The street has been repaved and the street scape is almost completed.
This small section is all that remains to be done.
Looking down Queen from Bank towards O'Connor. This is essentially the only real section of Queen Street with large work still ongoing, but should be done by end of month latest if not sooner.
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Snapshot of Parliament Station - June 13, 2019


Parliament Station

The Parliament Station accessible entrance (elevators only), located at the corner of Queen and O'Connor.
Public Transit Regulations and Rules.
The entrance as seen from across the street.
O-Train lollistop marker.
Integrated entrance at corner of O'Connor and Queen. The ongoing work is related to renovations of the Heritage Building, 155 Queen, and not the station.
Station marker outside the Sunlife Financial Centre
Looking into the station building, you can see the escalator and stairs heading down towards the mezzanine. The far doors connect to the SLFC.
Looking down into the station.
The entrance integrated into the SLFC atrium.
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Snapshot of Parliament Station - January 9, 2019

Entrance building to Parliament Station, integrated into the Sun Life Financial Centre.
Looking inside the entrance building. The doors at the far end allow access to the SLFC atrium.
Stairs and escalators down into the station.
The elevator access to the station, located at the corner of O'Connor and Queen.
Another entrance, integrated into 155 Queen Street, corner of O'Connor and Queen.
The O-Train station marker standing proud in front of the World Exchange Plaza.
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