Snapshot Updates

Snapshot of Pimisi Station - November 18, 2018

Pimisi Station, main entrance on the west side of Booth Street.
The public art, Pimisi (Eel in Algonquin). Stunning to see in person as the reflection and sunlight sparkle.
The main entrance roof line, with security cameras extending down.
The rounded metal segments, used to form the elevator mesh cages.
The station name lantern being assembled.
A view of the stairs and elevator.
The multi-use pathway underpass, with a station name lantern positioned to the side.
Looking down to the platforms and the track. Bayview Station seen in the distance.
The side facade of the station will allow in plenty of natural sunlight.
Now looking at the second entrance to Pimisi Station, this time on the east side of Booth Street.
Beyond the station, the west portal of the downtown tunnel.
The tracks heading to the west portal.
A close up of the west portal, the end-point of the 2.5km underground tunnel that passes below the downtown core.
One of the elevators, and the ticket vending machines.
The ticket vending machines, powered up but not yet in service.
Looking down at the base of one of the elevators.
One final look at Pimisi, with the O-Train station marker standing nearby.
Bayview Station - November 18, 2018
Cyrville Station - November 10, 2018