Snapshot Updates

Snapshot of Bayview Station - January 9, 2019

Bayview Station entrance from the Scott Street overpass
Looking down towards the Line 2 Trillium platform.
The Line 2 Trillium platform runs perpendicular and underneath the Line 1 Confederation platforms and guideway.
The multifunction pathway crossing underneath the station.
Confederation line platforms above.
Stairs coming from the Albert Street overpass.
The cages of the elevators.
Public art installation.
The lower entrance to Bayview Station, from a multifunction pathway that runs near the Trillium line.
You can see the same entrance, but this time from the opposite side.
Elevators and escalators link this platform level to the Confederation Line above.
The pathway that connects to the lower entrance, pictured in the images above.
Pimisi Station - January 9, 2019
Tunney's Pasture Station - January 9, 2019