Snapshot Updates

Snapshot of Limebank Station - August 24, 2020

Limebank Road overpass and terminus, Trillium Line Stage 2. To go west from here to Fallowfield/Strandherd you will need to transfer to bus.

Snapshot of Walkley Station - August 20, 2020

Future Walkley Station single track/platform rails have been lifted and dragged north to accommodate construction work for Stage 2 Trillium Line.

Snapshot of Greenboro Station - August 19, 2020

Stage 2 has little change to Greenboro Station, other than lengthening the platforms for long FLIRT and double LINT trains. With recent brush removal, the station is more visible from the west. Sadly there won't be access to the ponds here, only at South Keys.

Snapshot of Carleton Station - August 17, 2020

Underpass work at Carleton University to allow for longer passing sidings in Trillium Line Stage 2 two years from now.

Snapshot of Queensview Station - August 15, 2020

At the corner of Connaught and Hanlon (red), a couple of homes were demolished and a short tunnel will take Confederation Line Stage 2 past the corner of the awkwardly placed bus garage towards Pinecrest and west to Moodie. Better than "Razing the Romans" route.