Snapshot Updates

Snapshot of the Stadler FLIRT train C10, outside Walkley Yard MSF - October 7, 2021

The following pictures were taken of the first Stadler FLIRT train C10 to arrive at Walkley Yard MSF, O-Train Line 2's Maintenance and Storage Facility. In total, there will be 7 Stadler FLIRT trains in the newly expanded fleet. The train set is made up of 5 modules, two end units, two middle units, and one power pack. At the time of visit, only the two end units and one middle unit had not yet made their way onto the MSF. The train units were still loaded on the flatbed trucks and staged outside the facility on Albion Road North. As they arrived by truck, the rail bogies are presently not installed, and as a result, are not seen in these pictures.

I hope you enjoy this real first look at the exterior of these new exciting trains to be used on the expanded O-Train Line 2 (Trillium Line). 

Please note, these Stadler FLIRT trains will be used on O-Train Line 2 (Trillium Line). They should not to be confused with O-Train Line 1 (Confederation Line), which uses Alstom Citadis Spirit trains.

The new Stadler FLIRT train travelled by truck from the Stadler Rail facility in Bussnang, Switzerland to the port of Antwerp in Belgium. It then travelled by boat across the Atlantic Ocean to the port of Newark in New Jersey and by truck to the USA/Canada border at Ogdensburg, New York and Johnstown, Ontario. Once in Canada, the train travelled along Highway 416 and into Ottawa to its final destination at Walkley Yard. In total, the first Stadler FLIRT train has travelled approximately 7,000 kilometres, and crossed numerous countries and states, including Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York!

Michael Morgan, Director, Rail Construction Program

The following pictures were taken from the opposite side of the yard near the end of Albion Road South.

Pinecrest Station - October 8, 2021
Greenboro Station - October 7, 2021