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Snapshot of Place d'Orléans Station - November 24, 2019

This snapshot update is the first in the series for Stage 2 LRT. 

Over the course of the next several years, the O-Train Line 1 : Confederation Line will be extended eastward to Place d'Orleans and beyond to Trim. While construction at this station has not begun, this entry is a look at the present station and location, as well as a discussion of what is to come and where everything will be once construction is completed.

Looking at the existing station (to the left) and the pedestrian overpass, that crosses the regional road 174 (Queensway).
The future O-Train Station will be located in the median of the highway. It will be a centre platform station (like Blair, Cyrville and Pimisi), with the tracks on either side.The median currently measures approximately 10 metres across. Current centre platform stations measure 18.5 metres, so some highway road reconfiguration will probably need to be done.
An entrance to the O-Train station will connect to the existing pedestrian walkway, as well as to a second (new) pedestrian walkway that will connect to the bus terminal directly, to complete a fare-paid zone.
The will be an entrance that connects to the Champlain Drive overpass
Of course, the existing pedestrian walkway from the Place d'Orleans Shopping Centre will remain, pictured above in Green.
A third entrance will be constructed here, a small building with fare-gates, to maintain the current ground level connection between the bus terminal and the mall.
The 2nd (new) walkway will be built in what is currently the red waterfall glass canopy, and extend out to the highway median and O-Train station.
Looking towards the Orleans Park and Ride from inside the walkway.
And looking back across to the main bus terminal from the park and ride. Below in the highway trench, the future O-Train Station.

Place d'Orléans (2024)

Station Information provided by the City of OttawaPlace d'Orléans Station is an existing Transitway station that is currently located adjacent to Place d'Orléans Shopping Centre and OR 174, which will be converted to serve as a transfer station. The Station will be served by four fare controlled entrances. Two entrances will serve the station from the existing pedestrian bridge; one at each the LRT and bus platform locations. One entrance will be provided to the LRT platform from Champlain Road and an entrance will be provided to the bus terminal from Champlain Road. A connection to the LRT Station, allowing passengers to transfer between bus service and train service without passing through fare control gates and/or revalidating fare payment will be provided from the bus platform area. The station will be designed to allow the bus terminal to remain accessible to the public while securing the train station during train non-operating hours. The existing pedestrian bridge will continue to allow for a connection from the park and ride (and points north of OR 174) and Place d'Orléans Shopping Centre without having to enter a fare gate.
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