Snapshot Updates

Snapshot of Convent Glen Station - November 24, 2019

This snapshot update is the second in the series for Stage 2 LRT.

Over the course of the next several years, the O-Train Line 1 : Confederation Line will be extended eastward from Blair to Place d'Orleans and beyond to Trim. While construction at this station has not begun, this entry is a look at the present station and location, as well as a discussion of what is to come and where everything will be once construction is completed.

Looking down from the Orleans Blvd overpass at regional road 174 heading westbound. Jeanne d'Arc Station is seen in the distance.
The future Orléans Blvd. Station will be located in the median of the highway. It will be a centre platform station with the tracks running at both sides near the roadway.
Entrances to the station will be located in the middle of the overpass on both sides.
It is my opinion that the overpass will be either refurbished or replaced as part of the station construction.

Orléans Blvd (2024)

Station Information provided by the City of OttawaOrléans Boulevard Station is a new station located at the crossing of OR 174 and Orléans Boulevard. The station will be served by two fare-controlled entrances located on either side of Orléans Boulevard. The platform will be located below Orléans Boulevard in the median of OR 174. Sidewalks and entry plazas will be sized to accommodate the number of pedestrians and cyclists, as required to serve the public along Orléans Boulevard, the bus stops, and the passengers transferring from bus to train.
Jeanne d'Arc Station - November 24, 2019
Place d'Orléans Station - November 24, 2019