Snapshot Updates

Snapshot of Montreal Station - November 24, 2019

This snapshot update is the fourth in the series for Stage 2 LRT.

Over the course of the next several years, the O-Train Line 1 : Confederation Line will be extended eastward from Blair to Place d'Orleans and beyond to Trim. Construction and enabling work has begun at this station. This entry is a look at the present station and location, as well as a discussion of what is to come and where everything will be once construction is completed.

Regional Road 174 highway overpass, and Montreal Road underneath.
The future site of the Montreal Station on the Confederation Line.
Looking up towards the highway median, the future location of the station platforms and guideway.
The overpass will be replaced as it is reaching end of life and also does not meet the configuration of the current station layout.
Entrances to the station will be at both sides of Montreal Road, in the middle of the sidewalks.
The back-fill of the overpass, to later become one of the station entrances.
Looking at the station and overpass from the opposite side.
Construction has already begun, with highway ramps being relocated. New ramps are to the left, with the old to the right.
Large construction zone between the ramps and the overpass.
Transitway bus on-ramps for westbound 174 access. Notice how the old ramp is to the left, with the new to the right.
Transitway on-ramp to 174 eastbound. Again the old ramp is in the foreground and the new ramp behind it. A large construction staging area and site office is setup behind.
174 ramps, again re-located for the construction.
Transitway bus stop for westbound service has been relocated to the new off-ramp.
Lots of action at this site already, with much more to come. It will be interesting to see how the overpass is replaced. Whether it will make use of the rapid bridge replacement technique or more conventional methods.

Courtesy of the City of Ottawa, here is a diagram of the lane relocation work that will take place at this location. The current (old) roads are shown in yellow, and the relocated (new) roadways are in green. 

The move will allow the space and room required for the station construction, as well as for the track and guideway.

Trim Station - November 24, 2019
Jeanne d'Arc Station - November 24, 2019