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Snapshot of Jeanne d'Arc Station - November 24, 2019

This snapshot update is the third in the series for Stage 2 LRT.

Over the course of the next several years, the O-Train Line 1 : Confederation Line will be extended eastward from Blair to Place d'Orleans and beyond to Trim. While construction at this station has not begun, this entry is a look at the present station and location, as well as a discussion of what is to come and where everything will be once construction is completed.

Future Jeanne d'Arc Station, as seen from the Jeanne d'Arc Boulevard overpass, looking westbound at regional road 174.
The station will be a centre platform, located in the highway median.
The median currently appears to be of sufficient size to accommodate the station and tracks potentially without requiring the highway lanes to be reconfigured.
Entrances to the station will be located in the middle of the Jeanne d'Arc overpass on both sides.
Looking North on Jeanne d'Arc
and South
and looking eastbound towards Orleans Blvd. Station and Place d'Orleans Station in the far distance.
The current transitway station for Jeanne d'Arc, located on the on and off ramps of the overpass. This platform for westbound.
And the eastbound platform, located on the highway off-ramp. It's very possible these bus stops will be discontinued post-LRT as the train will replace the service they offer.

Jeanne d'Arc (2024)

Station Information provided by the City of OttawaJeanne d'Arc Station will be a new station located at the crossing of OR 174 and Jeanne d'Arc Boulevard. The station will be served by two fare-controlled entrances located on either side of Jeanne d'Arc Boulevard. One entrance will serve the northbound lane and one will serve the southbound lane. The platform will be located below Jeanne d'Arc Boulevard in the median of OR 174. The station structure, vertical circulation elements, station entry and entry plaza will be designed and constructed to permit the widening of Jeanne d'Arc Boulevard to an ultimate right of way width of 37.5 metres without major modification to the station elements. The location of the station entrances have been carefully coordinated with the future bridge configuration to accommodate all modes of transportation and to provide sufficient public entry space.
Montreal Station - November 24, 2019
Convent Glen Station - November 24, 2019