Snapshot Updates

Snapshot of Sherbourne Station - July 11, 2020

These shots are of the various re-alignment of the SJAM Parkway in the vicinity of Cleary Station. The work is required prior to the cut and cover tunnel construction within the Parkway. 

Looking West towards the Cleary Station crossover to Richmond.
Looking West towards Cleary Station. Note the Cleary Condo tower on Richmond.
Looking East towards the Cleary Crossover on the right.
West along SJAM. Location immediately North of the Cleary Crossover.
SJAM storm drain pipe construction to flow into Ottawa River.
Closer to storm drain construction
SJAM Storm drain Construction
SJAM Storm drain Construction looking East. West of Cleary Crossover. Note 4 story low rise apartment at left. Tunnel crossover to Cleary station is Right of this building.
SJAM re-allignment Looking East near Cleary Crossover.
SJAM re-allignment Looking East.
Lincoln Fields Station - July 16, 2020
Gladstone Station - July 7, 2020