Frequently Asked Questions

The Trains

The Confederation Line uses Alstom Citadis Spirit electric LRVs. Each LRV (Light Rail Vehicle) is composed of 4 module.

On the Trillium Line, the trains used are Alstom Coradia LINT 41 trains, composed of 2 cars each.

The Confederation Line was designed from the start to operate electric powered trains by means of a overhead catenary line. The Alstom Citadis Spirit trains are electric and compatible with this line. Conversely, the Trillium Line is not electrified, and thus relies on diesel powered trains to operate, hence the use of the Alstom Coradia LINT trains. Additionally, the tracks from both lines do not connect at any part of the network, and so it is not possible to transfer a train from one line to another.

There are 34 LRVs (Light Rail Vehicles, each consisting of 4 modules) on the Confederation Line. On the Trillium Line, there are 6 train sets (consisting of 2 cars each), 4 of which operate daily, with 2 spares available.

The Alstom Citadis Spirit LRVs operated on the Confederation Line can hold 300 passengers. In regular operation, two LRVs of four modules each will be connected, making of a total passenger capacity of 600. The Alstom Corada LINT trains operated on the Trillium Line can hold 260 passengers.

The LRVs of the Confederation Line (Alstom Citadis Spirit) are 48.5 metres in length (159ft 1in). They are typically operated with two coupled together, thus making their length 97 metres (318ft 2in). The trains of the Trillium Line (Alstom Coradia LINT) are 41.89 metres in length (137ft 5in).

The Confederation Line will have a top operational speed of 90km/h, and the Trillium Line currently has a top operating speed of 85km/h in some sections.

The maximum possible speed of the trains on the Confederation Line (Alstom Citadis Spirit) is 100km/h. The average operating speed is 35km/h. On the Trillium Line, the trains (Alstom Coradia LINT) have a maximum possible speed of 120km/h, but the actual average operating speed is lower.

The trains of the Confederation Line are stored and maintained in the Belfast Yard Maintenance, Storage and Administration facility (also known as the MSF). The MSF is located between St. Laurent Station and Tremblay Station. The trains of the Trillium Line are stored and maintained at the Walkey Yard. It is located northeast of Greenboro Station.