Frequently Asked Questions

The Stations

The busiest station is Parliament Station on the Confederation Line. On the Trillium Line, Carleton Station is the busiest.

The deepest station is Rideau with its platforms 26.5 metres below ground.

The longest distance between two stations is approximately 2815 metres between Mooney's Bay Station and Greenboro Station on Line 2. The shortest distance between two stations is approximately 400 metres between Parliament Station and Lyon Station on Line 1.

Below you will find a table of the interstation distances (distance from the edge of one station's platform to the next) for all the stations.

Line 1 : Confederation Line  
Blair to Cyrville 1615 metres
Cyrville to St-Laurent 850 metres
St-Laurent to Tremblay 1300 metres
Tremblay to Hurdman 945 metres
Hurdman to Lees 705 metres
Lees to uOttawa 900 metres
uOttawa to Rideau 995 metres
Rideau to Parliament 725 metres
Parliament to Lyon 400 metres
Lyon to Pimisi 840 metres
Pimisi to Bayview 730 metres
Bayview to Tunney's Pasture 1110 metres
Line 2 : Trillium Line  
Bayview to Carling 1575 metres
Carling to Carleton 1720 metres
Carleton to Monney's Bay 1375 metres
Mooney's Bay to Greenboro 2815 metres

The names of the stations are given due to a major street to which it is adjacent to, to a popular destination such as a shopping centre or plaza, or to general landmarks it serves and recognizes.

On the Trillium Line, once a train reaches the end of the line, the operator moves to the cab at the opposite end of the train and operates the train in the reverse direction, due to the stations being single platform. On the Confederation Line, the stations have two platforms, so the train will drop off its passengers at one platform, reverse or move out to the track switch to switch sides and return to the opposite platform to begin boarding. Alternatively, the train can arrive on the departing platform side and disembark and board its passengers there with a single maneuver. The third scenario is for the train to arrive at either platform and depart from there, switching to the appropriate track if necessary while leaving the station.

All LRT stations on both lines are accessible. Where there is a grade separation, elevators are available, and most also feature escalators.