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The document archive is for reference purposes only. Documents are saved and archived for historical, background and informational intent. While the saying "Nothing lasts forever" doesn't generally apply to that which is on the internet, links can change, sites can go down... information can become more difficult to find. Whether it is for informational purposes, background or just future reference... the related briefings, documentation, environmental assessments, technical presentations and information session decks are all of special interest and should be preserved. Please refer to any dates contained in the documents to assess their relevance, as plans change over time and may become obsolete.

(No guarantee of any kind is offered on the information or documents contained herein. Only publicly accessible information is posted, and while an effort is made to capture as much as possible, it is inevitable that not everything will be preserved in our archive).

Stage 2 Light Rail Transit Implementation Report – Project Definition and Procurement Plan – March 8, 2017

Document 1 – Ottawa Light Rail Transit System Lessons Learned from Confederation Line & Stage 2 Implementation Implications
Document 2 – LRT Extension to Moodie Station - Technical Memorandum
Document 3 – Recommended City Infrastructure Bundling Projects Stage 2 LRT Implementation Report
Document 4 – Stage 2, Ottawa LRT BUSINESS CASE - VERSION 2.0 - FEBRUARY 19, 2016
Document 5 – 2017 Pedestrian Cycling Stage 2 Connectivity Study
Document 6 – Preliminary Evaluation of Station Oriented Development Opportunities Stage 2 LRT Expansion
Document 7 – Relocated Walkley Yard MSF, West of Albion Road - Technical Memorandum
Document 8 – Confederation Line East Sound Attenuation Illustrations
Document 9 – City of Ottawa- Stage 2 Light Rail Project – Proposed RTG MOU
Stage 2 Light Rail Transit Implementation Report – Project Definition and Procurement Plan
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