Transit-Oriented Development in Ottawa with Alain Miguelez, Manager of Policy Planning at the City of Ottawa - April 2021

Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) is a form of urban development, which maximizes the number of residential, business, commercial, and leisure spaces within walking distance of public transportation.
In this April 2021 video discussion with Alain Miguelez, Manager of Policy Planning at the City of Ottawa, we discuss Transit-Oriented Development in Ottawa. 

Areas discussed include: 

  • What is TOD. How are we building TOD in Ottawa. 
  • What are we trying to achieve in Ottawa. 
  • Underground City or RESO. 
  • TOD Proximity to Stations. 
  • Large condo and tower developments in Ottawa.
  • Official Plan and how to get involved and engaged.

00:00 - Introduction 
00:30 - What is Transit-Oriented Development
02:40 - How is TOD being built in the City of Ottawa
07:28 - The success of TOD thus far in Ottawa
11:50 - An underground city/pedestrian network in Ottawa
18:12 - What vision is there to ensure practical and efficient TOD is being built
22:25 - Distance and proximity of TOD to stations to be effective
25:45 - How to get developers to build near stations
28:10 - Lincoln Fields TOD and access to the station 
30:55 - Official Plan - How to get involved and engaged in this process

Stage 2 LRT - East Extension - Information Session...
Côte-Vertu garage project: Côte-Vertu station to c...