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O-Train Stage 2 LRT - Quarterly Update - November 1, 2022

Committee hears about milestones for Stage 2 LRT

The Finance and Economic Development Committee received a detailed update today on Stage 2 LRT construction.

The project has progressed significantly in 2022: rail installation is underway along the O-Train East extension, as well as covering works for the cut-and-cover tunnel on the O-Train West extension. Testing and commissioning of seven new Stadler FLIRT vehicles is underway; they will run on the O-Train South extension. By the end of the year, seven of the 11 new pedestrian bridges will be installed to help enhance resident's active transportation connectivity.

Today's update included forecasted schedules for each alignment. Anticipated completion dates are:

  • September 2023 for the O-Train South extension
  • End of 2024 for the O-Train East extension
  • Late 2026 for the O-Train West extension
Source : City of Ottawa

During the FEDCO meeting in Ottawa, further delays were announced regarding Stage2LRT throughout Ottawa. 

  • South: Fall 2023 (A year late) 
  • East: Early 2025 (36 days) 
  • West: Late 2026 (17 months) 

It goes without saying that we are saddened by this news. We do hope that some of the schedule pressures can be addressed and allow for the extensions to open when they are ready. We will continue to track progress throughout the city and share our excitement about passenger rail becoming an even bigger part of Ottawa.

Please visit to see for yourself the progress throughout the city.

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