O-Train : Past, Present and Future, with David Bellerive, Rail Fans Enthusiast - June 2021

The O-Train is approaching 2 years of Revenue Service in September 2021.

In this June 2021 video, David Bellerive (Rail Fans Enthusiast and the Host of the Official O-Train Livestream) and I, reflect on the start of service, how things went, where things are now and what is to come in the near future with Stage 2.


  • 00:00 - Opening Sequence
  • 00:15 - Introduction
  • 00:38 - A look back at the opening days
  • 05:01 - The tough weeks and months that followed...
  • 15:26 - The lowest points and getting back on track
  • 34:29 - Stage 2 and the future
  • 45:30 - Closing


Explore the current and future O-Train Network:

More about the Citadis Spirit:


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