O-Train Line 1 - Testing in anticipation of a return to service - October 28, 2021

O-Train Line 1 is currently undergoing testing to verify repairs and safety prior to it returning to service, anticipated for early November. This video shows some of the testing taking place on October 28th at Tremblay Station. LRVs 1115-1110 were operating continuously back and forth along an approximately 500-metre length of the westbound track, to verify the repairs that were undertaken on the track and guideway, following the September 19th derailment.

The testing period commenced yesterday and will continue throughout the following weeks leading up to the resumption of partial service, anticipated to launch in the first two weeks of November. Throughout this testing period, it will be possible to see trains running at different speeds, on different sections of the track, and stopped for long periods of time. Trains will sometimes run the entire track from end-to-end and at other times may only run for short distances on the line. Trains will also often cross over between the two tracks on the line. At times, many technicians will also be on the line as they perform inspections of all components of the track and rail infrastructure.

This testing will be critical to allow TRA, RTG and the City to confirm that all the repairs on the trains, track and the infrastructure meet the quality standards required for a safe return to service and continued operations of Line 1. As previously communicated, TRA has performed their preliminary assessment of the situation and they are now in the process of developing their own detailed workplan following the receipt of RTG's proposed return-to-service date and associated workplan.



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