Memo: Update on Rideau Transit Group Return-to-Service Plan: Resumption of Line 1 Passenger Revenue Service

The purpose of this memo is to inform Members of Council and Transit Commission that system testing is progressing well and, pending its successful completion tomorrow, O-Train Line 1 revenue service will resume on Friday, November 12. Service will resume with seven trains and one spare and will expand incrementally, with full revenue service expected to be in place by the end of the month.

The past two days of end-to-end service testing have been positive. Testing continues tomorrow, and if the results remain consistent, the City will resume revenue service on Line 1. Final confirmation of this date is contingent on the successful completion of testing and pending final validation by TRA. I will provide the final confirmation to Members of Council and the Transit Commission once the City receives the written determination from TRA that Line 1 can safely return to service.

As discussed at Friday's technical briefing and in previous communications, Line 1 end-to-end service testing began on November 4. Testing is an integral component of the safe return-to-service plan. It has allowed Rideau Transit Group (RTG), Transportation Resource Associates (TRA) and the City to confirm that all repairs on the train, track and infrastructure meet the quality standards required for the safe and consistent operations of O-Train Line 1. This process has worked as it should, and RTG and OC Transpo are prepared and able to safely return to revenue service operation.

Once the system resumes revenue service, the City and TRA will continue to monitor RTG's activities. As with any Light Rail Transit system, we expect that issues will arise. The City and our transit customers expect these issues will be addressed quickly and efficiently by RTG.

RTG continues to inspect the remainder of the rail fleet and as discussed at Friday's technical briefing, the results are being validated by TRA and the City.

When partial service resumes, R1 replacement bus service will be maintained. Staff will be assessing, based on actual ridership levels, whether R1 replacement bus service can be reduced. OC Transpo will provide further updates on R1 bus service next week.

I expect to provide you with final confirmation on the resumption of O-Train Line 1 service tomorrow.

Steve Kanellakos

Source : City of Ottawa

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