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Memo: O-Train Line 1 service to launch at 10 am on Sunday, August 30

This memo is to advise of upcoming planned maintenance activities on the O-Train Line 1. The City is undertaking surveys of the track and the overhead catenary system (OCS) using specialized track equipment.

While some of this work can be undertaken overnight outside of service hours, a video survey of the line must be completed during the day. This activity will provide information on the condition of the track and the OCS infrastructure, and is a standard practice on all rail systems.

On Sunday August 30th between 8 to 10 am, the R1 replacement bus service will be provided to our customers between Tunney's Pasture and Blair stations to enable us to proceed with the survey work on the rail track. At 10 am, service on the rail system will start.

In advance of the closure, notice will be provided to customers on social media, on, and with signage at stations.

John Manconi - General Manager, Transportation Services Department

Source : City of Ottawa 

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