Memo: O-Train Line 1 Confederation Line Fleet Availability Update

Please find attached a memo update on O-Train Line 1 Confederation Line's Fleet Availability.

Source : City of Ottawa 

The purpose of this memorandum is to provide the Mayor and Members of Council and Transit Commission with an update on the availability of the O-Train Line 1 fleet.

RTG has been working to increase the vehicle count to 15 trains in service,plus two spares, during the morning peak period. RTG has confirmed that 15 trains, plus two spares, are available to support service starting today, Tuesday, August 4, 2020. While 15 trains are available to the City, the enhanced daily wheel inspection regime only allows for 13 trains, plus two spares, to be deployed into service during peak periods, with trains arriving approximately every 4 minutes.

With the reduced passenger loads, 13 trains can accommodate customer volumes and allows for opportunities for physical distancing. RTG is making progress with the investigation and resolution of the wheel issue and as they make further progress, additional vehicles may be added to the morning peak service if required. 

-John Manconi - General Manager of Transportation Services

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